Sunday, April 13, 2008

Chicago - Field Museum

The weather was bad today. It rained almost the whole day. However I still made it to the field museum.

This is the field museum. Chicago's field museum is one of the world's great museum of science, environment, and culture.

Look at how big the museum is.

There are 4 silent guardians of this museum.

Dissemination of Knowledge

Dissemination of Science

The woman holding a magnifying glass represents Research.

The woman holds a quill and paper. She represents Record.

The T. Rex fossil behind me is named Sue. She is the biggest and most complete T. Rex ever found. She is one of the most popular exhibits in this museum.

T. Rex named "Sue"

A huge Totem

The museum keeps a wide range of insect specimens.

This is one I liked. It is called the Morpho butterfly. Its found in Columbia.

Now, I come to the art gallery. This gorilla painting is my favourite. Does it remind you of a movie?

They have artifacts from China too. This is the head of "Laozi".

A desk screen made of Jade.
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