Thursday, September 4, 2014

Taipei Day 1 - Dinner at Shilin (Oyster Egg, Braised Meat Rice, Smelly Beancurd, Ice Soya Beancurd)

We decided to find dinner at the famous Shilin Night Market.

Taiwanese version of the Fried Oyster Egg. It is sweet and have a taste of ketchup. I still prefer Singapore version!
Fried Oyster

Braised Meat Rice

Cuttlefish soup. Didn't really like the rubbery texture of the cuttlefish. However, the soup broth was sweet and tasty.
Cuttlefish Soup

Smelly Beancurd that is not really that pungent. Freshly fried and delicious!
Smelly Fried Beancurd

After dinner, we bought 大饼包小饼 for supper.


Shilin Market

Ordered fresh fruit juice. One of the best highlights of Taipei is the fresh fruits you can find here. Look, spotted a durian!
Fruit Juice at Shilin

This is my favorite desert in Taipei. It is Soya Beancurd topped with red beans, grass jelly, yam or potato balls.
Shilin Soya Beancurd Shop

Shilin Soya Beancurd Shop

Many toppings to choose from.
Shilin Soya Beancurd

Spotted a old lady selling Muah Chee or Mochi. But I was too full already.
Old Lady Selling Muah Chee
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