Saturday, September 6, 2014

Taipei Day 3 - Xin Bei Tou (Ramen, Hot Spring Museum, Hot Spring Valley)

The metro easily takes us directly to Xin Bei Tou where all the hot springs are.
Xin Bei Tou

The guardian of hot springs.
Xin Bei Tou

Road signs showing all the hot spring attractions and hotels.
Xin Bei Tou

Since it is lunch time, we decided to have lunch at this ramen house.
Xin Bei Tou Man Lai La Mian

Do not be mistaken, the ramen is not cooked using hot spring water.
Hot Spring Ramen

The menu.
Hot Spring Ramen

The place is crowded.
Hot Spring Ramen

Excellent half boiled egg!
Hot Spring Ramen

My chaw siew ramen!
Chaw Siew Ramen

After lunch, we walked around. The water is actually warm. It is hot spring water!
Hot Spring

Tourist map to guide us around.
Map of Xin Bei Tou

Visited the Hot Spring Museum. Free entry.
Xin Bei Tou Museum

Bath tub.
Hot Spring Museum

A very large pool in the middle of the hot spring museum.
Hot Spring Museum
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